About Us

Our history dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and originated at the heart of Europe, Belgium.

Our investment operations have evolved over multiple generations, but our entrepreneurial mindset has remained the same since the very beginning.

In 2008, we founded Sherpa Asset Management to further streamline and fine-tune the investment strategy for the family assets and other like-minded investors.



Industrial Entrepreneurs

Founded and operated an industrial business right at the heart of Europe – Belgium

Liquidity Event

Family-owned business is sold, setting the stage for the next chapter


  • 1991
  • 2007
Wealth managed by banks

With our active involvement in investment management

Sherpa Asset Management (Sherpa AMC)

Founded Sherpa AMC, our dedicated family office, to streamline and fine-tune our investment operations


  • 2009
  • 2014
Proof of concept

Our investment approach becomes a proven concept. We solidify capital preservation, downside protection and long-term capital growth as our long-term objectives

Sherpa AMC becomes a regulated Asset Manager

Sherpa AMC becomes FINMA regulated as an independent Asset Manager



Sherpa Entrepreneurs Advisor (SEA)

Enhanced resources by building a team dedicated to private investments. We re-designed the private strategy with a focus on both direct control investments and indirect investments

Managing two funds dedicated to public and private markets

Sherpa continues to manage the family assets, as well as capital from like-minded external investors via two Luxembourg-registered SICAVs, dedicated to public and private markets, respectively