Investment Strategy

We are entrepreneurs with experience in multiple economic and market cycles.

We only invest in what we understand and can analyze in-house.

Our investment views are expressed via two complementary but independent investment strategies, dedicated to public markets (Liquid Strategy) and private markets (Private Enterprises).


Sherpa’s liquid strategy has been investing in public markets throughout multiple economic and market cycles.

Our core objective is to protect and compound capital at an attractive risk-adjusted rate of return for the current and future generations.

We create an intelligently diversified multi-asset portfolio, consisting of best-in-class liquid investments across public markets.


Sherpa’s private markets strategy is rooted in the family’s entrepreneurial DNA.

SEA conducts an entrepreneurial approach to generate high risk-weighted returns with private markets investments.

Our dedicated team supports entrepreneurs through direct and indirect investments and aims to be a sparring business partner throughout the entrepreneurial journey, unrestricted by time limitations.